Stargang was started in 1965 when Ellen Blackburn bought her first show dog; a red Cocker, Spaniel Lochranza Rosemary, followed shortly afterwards by a black of the same breed.  A friendship with local breeder of miniature Dachshunds (Helen Hariman who had the Vienda kennel) developed an interest in the breed and in 1967 the first red mini smooth (Penny, Drumbrie of Dawning) started the Stargang line.

In 1969 Joanne joined the Blackburn show women, attending her first show at just 2 weeks old, something must have rubbed off as she is now an accomplished breeder of Dachshunds and Pointers as well as an International Show Judge.

The first Stargang Champion was made up in 1973, Stargang Moonshine.

Joanne's daughter Heather joined the fray, again attending her first show at just 2 weeks old (the same show!) and has also become a renowned dog handler and International Show Judge.

2013 was a major year for the Stargang dogs, with Ch. Sonderbar Billie Jean of Stargang becoming the all time record holder for Challenge Certificates for a UK Miniature Wire Haired dachshund bitch. 

The high of 2013 was followed by the sad loss of Fred Blackburn in October 2014.  He was husband and father of Andrew, Colin and Joanne.  Fred had been quietly in the background looking after the dogs at home, often helping with the whelping and nursing of any sick dogs and a general pillar of support.  The worldwide response to the news was astonishing to the family and we sincerely thank everybody for your support.


Click to enlarge Ellen with Ch Sonderbar Billie Jean at Stargang winning Best of Breed Crufts 2011


Click to enlarge Joanne with Ch Stargang Malachite winning Best of Breed Crufts 2009


Click to Enlarge - Heather with Ch Stargang Czarina winning Best of Breed Crufts 2013